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Advanced Hair Removal Treatments in Bayonne, NJ

NJ Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medi Spa is the beauty and wellness clinic Jersey City residents visit for hair removal treatments. Bayonne, NJ residents know we’re dedicated to offering the latest, most advanced procedures available, and we’re ready to discuss the ways we can help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals!

Unwanted hair is an incredibly common, bothersome, and often embarrassing problem experienced by men and women around the world. Even more bothersome than the hair itself can be the options most often used for removal. There are painful techniques like waxing and tweezing and time-consuming ones like shaving. Worse, they are all only effective for a limited time. Fortunately, there are now non-invasive, painless alternatives that deliver long-term results. We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art, proven treatments to our patients who want to address their problem areas once and for all.

The hair follicle’s ability to re-grow hair is destroyed by a gentle pulse of light emitted directly into the follicle itself. This process is highly specific. As a result, the surrounding skin remains undamaged. Since the energy is selectively absorbed, many follicles can be treated at the same time. It’s suitable for treating common problem areas like the face, shoulders, back, under arms, legs, and bikini line.

The light energy pulses may register as a mild stinging sensation, but this discomfort will only last for a few seconds. It certainly pales in comparison to the experience of waxing or electrolysis. When you arrive at our clinic, your skin will be prepared for treatment. This includes cleaning and cleansing, shaving, and the application of a cooling gel. Once your skin has been prepared, a small hand piece will be used to treat the desired area.

There are virtually no side effects to this procedure. Of course, you’ll notice a lack of hair growth. Other than that, your skin will remain smooth and silky. We do encourage our patients to use sunscreen within the 48-hour window after treatment should they come into contact with direct sunlight.

Hair Removal
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How Long Does Treatment Last?

For most patients, four to six visits to our clinic will suffice. However, this number can vary depending on several key factors:

  • the area you’re treating
  • the density of hair in that area
  • the growth cycle of your hair

Will It Grow Back?

The majority of your hair will never grow back. However, you may experience some re-growth over time. If your goal is to remain completely hair-free, we recommend follow up treatments every few months.

Is our hair removal treatment right for you? If you’re looking for lasting solutions to unwanted hair, the answer is yes! At NJ Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medi Spa, we’re proud to offer the hair removal treatments Bayonne, NJ residents deserve. While individual results will vary as a result of your hair color, skin type, and texture, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the outcome. To have your questions or concerns addressed by our technicians and schedule an appointment, call our office today!.

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